Tip for Turkey, Dressing

and Mashed Potatoes~

By Lina Cantwell; message from Caroline Cantwell

(Lina's mom-in-law)


  • The turkey you get will probably have general instructions on the packaging. However, here are more tips to help you from how I do it.

  • Inside the neck of the turkey you will find a package with the neck, giblets, heart, and liver of the turkey. 

  • Most of us don't like the liver. However, sometimes we will cut it very, very, very small along with the giblets, and heart. 

  • Cook in frying pan with onions (a lot of onions), and celery using butter. 

  • Cook until all are done. 

  • Pour into the pan of dry dressing. 

  • Also add chop onions and celery to the dry dressing. 

  • I use Mrs Cubberson (or some name like that) corn bread dressing. 

  • In the meantime cook the neck in a pan with chop onions and celery tops (the bushy parts) and poetry seasoning, sage, and garlic. 

  • Pour this broth (cook about 1 hour or so) over the dry dressing. Be careful, you only want the dressing to slightly wet. 

  • Wet enough to lump together but not really wet as it will absorb fluids from the turkey as it cooks. 

  • Stuff all hols in the turkey. 

  • Follow package directions on baking. If you bake too long its too dry. 

  • However you can put pats of butter under the skin all over an that helps to keep it from drying out to much. 

  • Also, continue cooking the neck as above to have a blast to pour over the turkey several times while baking (add butter to this broth to ensure a tasty, and brown, skin. 

  • Hopes this helps. 

  • The broth, together with the juice from the turkey, (with all onions and celery removed) make up the gravy. 

  • Just add cornstarch to thicken and salt and pepper (and possible poultry and sage seasonings) to taste.

  •  For extra creamy mashed potatoes add about a full tablespoon, or two, of mayonnaise, as well as butter and milk to the potatoes before mashing. 

  • You will be surprised at the taste and texture (especially since all of us don't really like mayonnaise but like this). 

  • As for the rest of the dinner you are on your own. Everyone makes what they like for accents to the turkey. 

  • The only thing that never changes is the turkey and the mashed potatoes and gravy. 

  • Have a happy thanksgiving.