Survival Strategies

for a Happy Thanksgiving

Oleh Willa Lydia Sullivan - Massachusetts, USA
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Holidays, especially ones that involve lots of concentrated family time can test our emotions, patience, and our best intentions to get along with loved ones.

Here are some tips to help you weather the next few days...after thanksgiving:

1. Pace yourself while traveling;

To be with friends and family members, but be aware during long-distance drives of the risk of drowsy drinking. If you are flying, leave plenty of extra time because the airport are extra crowded, and you will want to avoid the stress of rushing.

2. Do not drink and drive;

Be cautious about drinking alcohol to excess during the holidays, and especially do not drink and drive!

3. Schedule social event wisely;

Attending too many gatherings can leave you exhausted and unable to take pleasure in the holidays. Doing too few can leave you feeling alone and melancholic. Because routine and activities are suspended. Avoid large gaps of time spent alone.

4. Celebrate wherever you are;

One of the most memorable Thanksgiving was spent on-call at the hospital. Those of us working that day planned ahead and brought in home.

5. Be mentally and emotionally present;

Enjoy this year celebration; do not try to recreate past holidays-that will just create anxiety. Parents and children should allow their relationships to mature.

6. Savor the time spent together;

If you are visiting with older relatives, learn more about your heritage before it is too late. Make sure that all the generations can participate in festivities, and that everyone has a role to play.

7. Be thankful; remember it is thanksgiving—we all have a lot to be grateful for—share your thankfulness with others.


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