Diary of a Mom: What a Wonderful Life It Is
By Mei-Mei Reis- Ohio, USA
Member of WOL Forum
Edited by Willa Sullivan (Teh Willa) - Massachussets, USA

Having a regular job and being a mom of our beautiful, healthy and active baby MeiLee and a wife of Ronnie what else I could expect!

At least, there are some days that I can just stay at home, relax and spend time with my loving family. I do not have to think about what I am going to do tomorrow or to meet deadlines. I am a workchoholic! If I am doing something I will not stop until it is finished. I can work all day and night that worries my husband Ronnie and my mom. Sometimes, I work for 14 to 16 hours a day—that is too much, especially when I have a baby. When I finish working, then I am a MOM.......

Anna Meilee Our Little Angel...

When I play with MeiLee, I act like a child or being goofy. I always try to make my time with her as a memorable moment as possible by taking pictures. She likes to poke her little finger to any holes like nose, ear and mouth. She checks everything, her victim is ms. Kim's ear and mouth. She likes singing too, especially when she is ready to sleep, she lullabies herself by humming until she falls asleep.

She is larger than average baby and her voice also louder than her size. She eats good! Yesterday, I gave her noodles and French Fries and she liked them.
One jar of baby food is not enough for her—2 bowls of cereal and fruits for breakfast. Lunch is veggie and biscuits, dinner is a heavy meal—fruits and biscuits.

My husband said to her: “Kiddo....it's better if you eat American foods such as macD and cheese than mommy's food.” Too late, she eats what I eat.
One day while I am having lunch, I put crackers bag on the carpet but all of a sudden I heard a chewing sounds, and when I turned around I saw Meilee eating my crackers. She looked at me and smiled and continue eating.

Sometimes, she seems so hungry and chasing spoons in my hand. One day, She tried to reach the spoon and pushed it to her mouth when I was busy watching TV and did not realize that she opened her mouth -- waiting for me to feed her.

Ronnie, a Husband and a Father....

Ronnie is a very good husband and father. I never doubted his love to his family. He works hard and does the best he can to take care of us. In the evening when he comes home from work, he likes to spend time only with his daughter. When I am goin to take their pictures he always says: “no, I just want to record this moment in my mind.” He spends a lot of time with MeiLee—playing with her, feeding her, taking her for a walk and giving her a little bit exercise by pulling her feet up to his head and rolling her around.

Since I have two jobs, we split tasks. When he comes home from work, he is the one who takes care of her. So, when I come home from work I wake MeiLee up because I feel bad to see her sleeping and do not to see her all day.

I love cooking now. Let me tell you my secret, “I couldn't cook before, because in my country I had someone who cooked for me, did our laundry and did everything around the house. When I came to this country, I bit my finger because I could not eat, cook nor find any Indonesian restaurant. I started to learn how to cook Indonesian foods. Sometimes, the smell of the foods are everywhere that makes my mom and husband sneeze.

I have been in catering since 2005. I shipped foods all over the states by mail. Now and then, my friends asked me to cook for special occasions such as birthday parties, farewell parties or any holiday parties.

My husband and I like to browse on the internet, he likes to play games and I like to blog. Once in a while, we like to hang out, window shopping, or eat at a restaurant.

When I have my day off, I go shopping or watch my husband cut the grass while MeiLee yells and claps her hand at her dad.

I thank my mother-in-law for always cooking and taking care of us. She is also our adviser.

Just Being ME....

Last but not least..sometimes people ask me questions, “Mei how do you manage your time? You are a very busy person but you still have time to blog! Where do you get the energy from?”

I always answer: “God gives me the energy! As a human being I cannot do it—working two jobs, P&G since morning till evening, then TGIF from evening till 10-11 pm. But I always have time for my family and I love blogging.

I've got my very 1st RECOGNITION PIN as a symbol of THANK YOU for doing a good job from TGIF on my 3rd days of working after I passed my training. I thank God for that!

I never expected to get a reward. Just being ME....to be a good witness among others is the most important thing in my life...share the blessing, being grateful that is the real treasure!

Thanks to Sharon who recommended me and trusted me who believed that I could do it! and I also thank my husband Ronnie who always supports me and saying ”You can do it! Trust your feeling! You are a strong woman and you have skills, you have to have confidence in yourself!” He always says: “do your best and God will take care of the rest, I am here for you, always and forever!”



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